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Period: 2014-2020
Budget: EUR 2.30 billion in current prices
Legal basis: Proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and the Council establishing a Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises
(2014 - 2020)

The programme for the Competitiveness of enterprises and SMEs (COSME)’s aim is to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of the Union’s enterprises, including in the tourism sector, encourage an entrepreneurial culture, and promote the creation and growth of SMEs.

It largely continues the activities started under the current Competitiveness and Innovation programme (CIP) and also ensures continuity with initiatives and actions already undertaken under the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP), such as the Enterprise Europe Network.


Improve the framework conditions to make for the competitiveness and sustainability of Union enterprises including in the tourism sector
Encouraging an entrepreneurial culture and promoting the creation and growth of SMEs.
Improving access to finance for SMEs in the form of equity and debt
Improving access to markets inside the Union and globally


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